Moon Mind


In quiescence I hear the cinnamon blossoms fall. When the night has come, the Spring mountains are silent. Suddenly the moon appears from behind the clouds and startles the young birds; By the mountain stream they chirp and chirp. --Wang Wei (Creativity and Taoism: A Study of Chinese Philosophy, Art and Poetry by Chuan-Yuan Chang, p.203) “When the poet is free from artificiality he will not only reflect pure objective reality, he … [Read More...]

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Hot Sand


hot sand burns my feet ocean waves roll in --Terry Chitwood The market, hot sand forming dunes in the wind, shimmers with radiant heat. Touch the market and it may burn you, leaving blisters in its wake, so you remember its flame. The market may turn your money into ashes, blown down the road in the wind. Road of Ashes Walking the road of ashes, breaking apart under your shoes with each step, stains both the sole and your soul. The … [Read More...]

Wild Wisdom, Insights for Traders: The Serpentine Path


coiled cobra ready to strike --Terry Chitwood The poisonous snake, carrying deadly venom, crawls sinuously across the path. The market, a deadly predator, moves in a serpentine course across the screen. Both show no mercy. One can take your money; the other can take your life. One can take your body; the other can take your soul. The Crafty Serpent The serpent in Genesis is a paradoxical creature. On one hand he is portrayed as … [Read More...]

The Christian Trader: Gabriel’s Announcement


The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come down to you, and God’s power will come over you. So your child will be called the holy Son of God” (Luke 1:35, Contemporary English Version). Awaken If you are receptive, the God seed will symbolically impregnate you, injecting you with a higher perspective, leading you to a spiritual awakening. This awakening as from a deep sleep opens your eyes to the fact that your life has a spiritual … [Read More...]

The Christian Trader: Entwined with God


bright maroon vines entwined wholly bound to God --Terry Chitwood If we are wholly bound to God, there is no separation between God and us. We’re continually connected to God. Wondrous or dangerous? Or both? A Consuming Fire Being bound to God is dangerous. “For our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29, KJV). We could get burned. Of course, our egocentric ego needs to be reduced to ashes. And from the ashes, our true vocation may … [Read More...]

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Ego Crunching


desert sand burning by day freezing by night --Terry Chitwood The market scorches you, scattering your ashes in its wake. The market freezes you, cracking your body into ice crystals, the wind sowing you like seed. The market specializes in shattering your ego, crushing its remains with a steel grip. At times, trading is like being trounced by Godzilla. The Same Old Grind Notice the God in Godzilla. When God deems your ego position to … [Read More...]

The Christian Trader: A Bright Halo


white swan a bright halo against a stormy sky --Terry Chitwood The market, like a stormy sky, roils across the screen, leaving havoc in its wake: broken trades . . . broken traders. Wild winds stir the broken pieces, rearranging them in a new way like an artist at play. Creative chaos rules the market on certain days. A Cold Wind A stormy sky is one of the faces the market can show us. A winged dragon, it can swoop into our day … [Read More...]

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Ethereal Melody


notes from a bamboo flute rise and fall on the breeze --Terry Chitwood The market moves like music, sometimes swinging between octaves in certain time frames, pausing for a number of beats, changing tempo on a whim, then continuing its serpentine journey. Sometimes the music is raucous, sometimes sweet, always surprising - at times, it makes you weep. Melodic Waves Rising and falling in melodic waves, the market sings an ethereal … [Read More...]

The Christian Trader: Glory to God


Gloria in excelsis Deo echoes off the monastery’s walls lingering on the wind --Terry Chitwood Have mercy on us. Traders, especially, need mercy since most traders don’t realize trading is a spiritual process. Praise God . . . with all your heart, with all your soul, with your whole being—while trading.  Let your trading become a continuous prayer where meaning replaces greed. Pray the Market Praying the market in contrast to trading … [Read More...]

Wild Wisdom, Insights for Traders: Eagle Eyes


dusk only the eagle can see --Terry Chitwood The orange sun reflects off the golden eagle’s eyes, turning the world into flame. Perfectly still, gliding on wings of silence, the eagle surveys his domain. Dusk descends . . . and so does the eagle with no prey in sight. The Big Picture Viewing the market with the eyes of an eagle allows you a larger perspective. You can see the big picture. Patterns become clearer; wave-form movements come … [Read More...]

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Eyes of Streaming Moonlight

Moon and Reflection_13546040_s

a drop of moonlight ignites a silver flame in my heart --Terry Chitwood We all trade in the dark, never sure of making the right trade, the correct decision, or something better than an informed guess. Darkness surrounds the timing of a trade as well. Did we get in too soon . . . too late?  Darkness Let’s befriend darkness, inviting her into our office, sharing a tea ceremony, hoping she’ll reveal her secrets. The one secret every trader is … [Read More...]