1. Hi, Terry. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement to post further comments to your most interesting blog. I think that bringing traders the concepts of innerwork through a Jungian perspective is so valuable for our time. Not only have traders suffered through their personal losses, but the entire global community is still suffering from the impact of a huge economic crash created mainly by those following a path of personal greed and corruption. As the trader endures the rigorous trials of a true vocational path, it may be that not only is the trader's personal life saved and the inner gold is revealed, but that God needs traders on the path of honesty and integrity to do nothing less than help save the world!


  2. Hello Rosa,

    There is an old Jewish tale of twelve just men. Basically, it says that as long as there are twelve just men on earth, God will not destroy the planet and there will be a semblance o f harmony and hope. If one just man dies, then another just must be found to take his place. One can only hope that even in modern times there will be another just man or woman to take his place. Innerwork, when approached sacredly and honed by suffering, can be a vehicle that leads to such spiritual development.

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