Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: A Distant Whisper


the waterfall roars


a faraway whisper

–Terry Chitwood

The market, sometimes a thunderous roar, drowns out all thought, paralyzing the mind into inaction. Churning in whitewater, the mind loses focus, struggling to regain its footing. As long as the mind is buffeted by external market forces, there can be no stability.


Paradoxically, the solution is to go deeper within yourself away from the tumultuous market until it becomes “a faraway whisper.” Falling deeper, spiraling downward until movement slows and finally stops: stillness.


And from this still point deep within, silence gives birth to serenity, steadying the mind, creating equilibrium. From this point of balance, taking a trade in the most chaotic market becomes effortless. Calmness replaces chaos.