The Taoist Trader: The Tao Teaches Trading

Tao Te Ching (Chapter 51)

The Tao expresses itself

In each and every being.

Its very presence nurtures us.

We are shaped and protected by it

in the living of our lives.

Therefore each and every being honors the Tao

and delights in its presence,

not because they are commanded,

but because it is their nature.


We are expressions of the Tao.

Its presence sustains us,

develops us,

teaches us,

shelters us,

matures us,

and returns us to our origin.


The Tao gives us life

but does not claim to own us.

It is ever acting on our behalf

but expects nothing in return.

It is our true guide

but does not control us.

(By Lao Tsu, translated by William Martin)

The Tao Protects

The Tao looks out for you while you trade? “We are shaped and protected by it . . . .” Are the intuitive warnings and intuitive guidance you receive during trading part of the Tao’s protection? Of course. “It is ever acting on our behalf . . . . It is our true guide.”  It’s comforting to know the Tao has your best interests at heart and treats you with loving kindness. “Its very presence nurtures us.”

The Tao Teaches Trading

Can the Tao teach you how to trade? “Its presence . . . teaches us.” In fact, the Tao will teach you your own unique style of trading. And the Tao will develop your character while teaching you how to trade. “Its presence . . . develops us.” If you listen to the Tao you can become a deeper, more conscious individual through trading. “Its presence . . . matures us.”

The Tao is Selfless

What’s the cost for all of this? Nothing.  “[It] expects nothing in return.”  What do you mean? We don’t even get to be programmed and conditioned by an expensive course of study? Sorry. “[It] does not control us.” The Tao is selfless and compassionate. “The Tao gives us life but does not claim to own us.”

Happy Holidays! I’ll return to posting the second week in January.

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