Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Jolted Awake

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Jolted Awake

head nodding
asleep in my chair

jolted awake by
the fire-truck siren
–Terry Chitwood

The market slows down, drifting like a leaf on the wind, spiraling down, gusting up, lulling us asleep. While we’re asleep, the market accelerates, falling off a cliff or soaring toward the sun—in any case, moving against our position. While sleeping, we are vulnerable to the whims of the market.

Asleep while Awake

At certain times in our lives, we are asleep in our chairs, dozing to the rhythm of our repetitive life-tasks. Trapped in an assembly-line mentality, we move robotically from one thing to the next. Freedom is just a memory; joy is just a word. We are asleep while awake.


A shrill siren jolts us awake, sending waves of adrenaline through our bodies, rocking our world. Life-changing events, dreams of earthquakes, nightmares, shocking experiences or confrontations with others—all of these can be sirens . . . waking us up. Once awake, we experience the vibrancy of being fully alive.

Photo Credit: Photo by Olivier Le Queinec.

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