Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Only for an Instant

Zen Kernels, Insights for Traders: Only for an Instant

a raindrop
rides the butterfly
only for an instant
–Terry Chitwood

We are in this world only for an instant. Viewing our trading from this perspective, we must ask ourselves, “How much time should we devote to trading?” This question’s answer depends upon if trading is a part of our sacred path, if it’s our vocation, if it’s engraved in our heart.

Ride the Butterfly

The raindrop rides the butterfly only for an instant before it breaks apart and dissolves in the emerging sunlight. Riding on the wings of transformation throughout our lives leads to fulfillment and meaning. If trading isn’t part of riding the divine butterfly through our lives, then we need to re-evaluate why we trade.

A Drop

No matter how tall we are, life is short (I couldn’t resist). The butterfly symbolizes hope through metamorphosis. The butterfly is eternal. We are but a drop in eternity; we are gone in an instant.

Image Credit: Image by freeartist

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