The Christian Trader: Glory to God

The Christian Trader: Glory to God

Gloria in excelsis Deo

echoes off the

monastery’s walls


on the wind

–Terry Chitwood

Have mercy on us. Traders, especially, need mercy since most traders don’t realize trading is a spiritual process. Praise God . . . with all your heart, with all your soul, with your whole being—while trading.  Let your trading become a continuous prayer where meaning replaces greed.

Pray the Market

Praying the market in contrast to trading the market lets joy reign in a transpersonal realm beyond winning and losing. With each breath let joy permeate your being. Allow yourself to be transported to a higher plane where the voices of angels are singing Gloria . . . eternally.

Trading Happens

Between the praying and the singing, trading happens. Trading happens as a part of the worship, as a way of worshiping God. Trading is an afterthought, an echo on the wind. Trading becomes part of the divine song, counterpoint, a melody all its own.

Photo Credit: Photo by Linda Bucklin

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